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Miranda rights

The Arrest Process: From Arrest to Booking to Arraignment

Posted on by Floyd

A person cannot just be arrested at random. Instead, law enforcement and state officials must follow specific protocols when they want to arrest and detain a person – otherwise, they can lose their case and face a civil lawsuit for… Read More

bail amount

How Much Money Do I Need to Post Bail?

Posted on by Floyd

After an arrest, the only way to get out of jail is to post bail. The amount you need depends on the crime you allegedly committed and the amount the judge sets it for. You were arrested, and now you… Read More

shouting at police

What If Law Enforcement Questions You without Identifying Themselves?

Posted on by Floyd

Knowing how to handle yourself when being questioned by an individual you suspect to be law enforcement is critical – especially if they have not identified themselves. Most people do not know how to handle themselves in a law enforcement… Read More


I Am Being Falsely Accused of Larceny, What Should I Do?

Posted on by Floyd

Being falsely accused for stealing is serious. You might be innocent, but the actions you take following those false allegations can affect you the rest of your life. Most importantly, do not speak to anyone if you are falsely accused… Read More

New Mexico DUI Attorney - New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

Think Twice before You Refuse a Breathalyzer Test – You Could Still be Charged with a DUI

Posted on by Floyd

You had a few drinks, and now you are driving home. While you thought you were okay to drive, you find yourself being pulled over by law enforcement. Now you are facing a sobriety field test, and the officer is… Read More

gavel and flag

Is There a Statute of Limitations in New Mexico for Crimes?

Posted on by Floyd

Years ago, lawmakers realized that there had to be a limit set for how long the state had to charge an alleged defendant with a crime. These laws were designed to protect someone from being charged for a crime years… Read More

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Understanding Weapons Charges and Assault

Posted on by Floyd

As a resident of New Mexico, you know that you enjoy the open carry policy, which means you can not only legally purchase a gun, but you can wear it without requiring a special license. Also, the Second Amendment to… Read More

police holding handcuffs, shopping cart

Top Items Taken by Shoplifters and Home Burglars

Posted on by Floyd

Larceny, burglary, and petty theft all have one thing in common: one person takes something that does not belong to them. Some people steal out of greed, others necessity. Regardless for the reasons why, some items tend to be the… Read More

drugged driving

What Is an Aggravated DUI?

Posted on by Floyd

In New Mexico, a DUI or DWI is driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or more. While most people are aware of this, many do not realize there is a secondary offense known as the aggravated… Read More

sexual abuse

Sexual Misconduct versus Sexual Assault: What Is the Difference?

Posted on by Floyd

The terms “sexual misconduct” and “sexual assault” are blanket terms that make it confusing for any defendant to understand what they are being charged with, specifically. Under New Mexico law, the differences carry a fine line, and those accused of… Read More

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