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Aggressive Child Pornography Defense Lawyers in Albuquerque

Defense against Child Pornography-related Charges

pornographyCrime accusations alleging exploitation of children—for example any charge pertaining to possession or distribution of child pornography—are highly emotional. Your life and reputation can be destroyed by these charges, and you may feel that you have been judged guilty before you’ve actually been convicted. You may have been subjected to sensationalized media coverage that has vilified you before the prosecution has even presented a case. If you want to vindicate yourself at trial, it may be difficult to seat a panel of unbiased jurors. In the American criminal justice system, the prosecution burden of proof is on the prosecution, but in cases involving children, you probably feel that the onus is on you to prove your innocence.  Our Albuquerque child pornography defense attorneys at the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices in Albuquerque have many years of combined successful experience defending the legal rights of individuals who have been charged or accused of crimes.

The Internet and Child Porn

Today, most child pornography is distributed via the Internet, which is vast. Having child pornography on your computer does not necessarily mean you put it there deliberately, nor does it automatically cause you to be charged. Child pornography can make its way onto a computer accidentally or as the result of a virus or a hacker. Determining the source is often difficult, requiring a web specialist to conduct a trace to attempt to locate where it originated. Source files can be deleted, and data recovery may not always be possible.

If you have been found to have illicit materials on your computer or have been questioned, getting an experienced computer sex crimes attorney on board immediately is essential. Your lawyer may be able to show that having the material was unintentional, or that someone else with access to your computer could have been responsible. An early intervention by an excellent sex crimes defense attorney in Albuquerque, NM can sometimes prevent charges from being filed.

The complex nature of computers and the Internet make child pornography cases difficult, but when your lawyer understands the many ways that technology can be manipulated and has access to forensic computer analysts to work for your defense, the prosecution may have a hard time meeting its burden of proof.

Child Pornography Penalties

In New Mexico, penalties for crimes related to the creation, possession, or distribution of child pornography are harsh. You could spend years in prison and have your future options limited by having to register as a sex offender for the remainder of your life.

Child pornography charges are often brought in federal court where the minimum prison sentence for simple possession of child pornography is five years.

In Albuquerque, if you so much as suspect that charges are about to be filed against you, call the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices for skilled representation that can dramatically improve the odds that your fight for your reputation and your freedom will be successful. We have extensive experience and a long track record of favorable results for our clients who have faced charges related to child pornography. We understand the inner workings of the criminal justice system through many years of practicing criminal defense in both state and federal courts, and we will put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

Time is of the Essence; Call New Mexico’s Effective Child Pornography Defense Team

Contact us immediately, and refrain from answering any questions or speaking to law enforcement personnel until your lawyer is there to ensure that your constitutional rights are not being violated. With a highly skilled child pornography defense lawyer committed to your interests, you will have a fighting chance to achieve an outcome that will allow you to move forward in life, without the serious impediment of a sex crime conviction. Our first meeting to discuss your case is free. If legal fees are a problem, we can work out a payment schedule that suits your budget, so there is never a reason for financial concerns to hold you back from having top-notch legal defense at this difficult time in your life.