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Can an Innocent Person Be Accused of Child Pornography?


Yes, an innocent person can be accused of child pornography, and sadly, that accusation (while false) can permanently destroy a person’s life. Child pornography cases are incredibly sensitive. Not only do state prosecutors want to hold abusers of this practice… Read More

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The Consequences of a Sex Offender Registration in NM

Posted on by New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

The sex offender registration process and notification system was implemented to make the public aware of potential threats in their community. It is also intended to keep track of known sex offenders. While the general purpose is useful, the overall… Read More

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Registering as a Sex Offender: How Does This Affect Your Life?

Posted on by New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers for New Mexico Clients All states participate in the sex offender registry, which is an official system that allows government authorities to track the names and activities of sex offenders – including those who are no… Read More

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Sexting in New Mexico – Implications for Adults and Minors


It didn’t take long for texting to lead to sexting, but it is taking a long time for our laws to catch up to this relatively new technological phenomenon. Adults and teens alike are being convicted under child pornography statutes… Read More