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Felony DUI

5 DUI Excuses That Will Get You Nowhere with Law Enforcement

Posted on by Floyd

You had too much to drink, but thought you were okay to drive – only to find yourself on the side of the road participating in a sobriety check. When your BAC came in over the legal limit, you were… Read More

drug possession arrest

Is a Drug Dog Vehicle Search Legal?

Posted on by Floyd

Have you ever driven down the road and witnessed a vehicle pulled over by law enforcement and a drug dog sniffing the perimeter? You assume that your Fourth Amendment rights protect you. Therefore, that officer must have had a warrant… Read More

battery dictionary definition entry

Typical Examples of Assault and Battery Acts

Posted on by Floyd

Assault and battery are treated as two separate crimes in New Mexico, with one more severe in punishment than the other. Regardless, the lines become fuzzy for most defendants when charged with either crime – and what you might think… Read More

sexual assault under a gavel

The Dangers of Internet Dating: Tips for Safe Date Selections

Posted on by Floyd

People turn to online dating for a variety of reasons, and today it is a widely popular option for finding a significant other. In fact, one Kaspersky study found that one out of three people is dating online. Regardless of… Read More

frightened young woman

Can I Dismiss Charges for an Assault If I’m the Victim?


Sometimes altercations arise between a couples, friends, family members, or acquaintances. These altercations might turn physical, where one person is seriously injured by another. The victim of that assault might then wonder if they could request that the charges are… Read More

dui per se

How Do I Get an Ignition Interlock Device?


If you were convicted of a DUI in New Mexico, one of the standard punishments is to use an ignition interlock device (IID). The device allows you to reinstate your driver’s license with the assumption that you will use the… Read More

New Mexico Criminal Defense Attorney - New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Probation Violation?


Probation does not mean that you are free; instead, you must meet specific conditions to stay out of jail. Violating what seems like even a minor condition could result in serving the rest of your sentence in jail, extra fines,… Read More

domestic violence

What Is Economic Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence is often associated with physical altercations between spouses, but domestic violence is much more than that. Economic domestic violence, also known as financial abuse, is a common type of domestic abuse seen in the US. Most often, it… Read More

arrest preview

How Do You Get out of Jail after an Arrest?

Posted on by New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

Whether you are arrested for felony or misdemeanor cases here in New Mexico, the court sets bail that allows for your release. If you are curious how to get yourself out of jail post-arrest or you want to help release… Read More

domestic violence preview

Other Charges You Could Face in Addition to Domestic Violence

Posted on by New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

Rarely is a criminal defendant in court for a single charge. Instead, prosecutors add additional crimes to the docket so that they can ensure a conviction of some sort. This practice is common, and it is not illegal. While it… Read More

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