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  • What Are the Most Common Felony Crimes in the United States?

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

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    New Mexico Attorneys Defending Against Felony Charges

    Felonies are crimes that carry a prison or jail sentence of one year or more. These are serious crimes that can include physical violence, fraud, or even the threat of violence. Throughout the country, felony convictions happen daily. But, what are the most common felony crimes committed in the country?

    If you are facing a felony conviction, you should seek legal representation right away. A felony conviction, as previously said, could carry one or more years in jail or prison – not to mention life-long consequences. A felony charge can keep you from getting a job, seeking financial assistance, and can even cost you your life if you are convicted of a crime that is serious enough.

    Most Common Felony Crimes Committed in the United States

    • Drug Abuse Violations
    • Driving While Intoxicated
    • Property Crimes (such as burglary, theft, larceny, etc.)
    • Larceny-Theft
    • Assault
    • Disorderly Conduct
    • Liquor Law Violations
    • Violent Crimes
    • Drunkenness
    • Aggravated Assault
    • Burglary
    • Vandalism
    • Fraud
    • Weapon Violations
    • Curfew or Loitering Violations
    • Robbery
    • Offenses Against Family and Children
    • Forgery and Counterfeiting
    • Motor Vehicle Theft
    • Stolen Property Crimes

    These crimes can be downgraded to misdemeanors or escalated to felonies, especially for multiple subsequent convictions.

    Felony Crimes Are Serious

    Felony crimes are those that can include burglary, assault, and homicide. Class 1 felonies are the most serious classification and carry the harshest penalty (if not the death penalty). Class 2 felonies do not result in life in prison, but they can be harsh, depending on the crime. Most Class 2 felonies carry significantly long prison sentences. Class 3 to Class 5 felonies are the most common at the state level, and can range from one year to 20 years in prison.

    If convicted of a felony, you could lose your rights. This includes the ability to run for government office, carry a gun, join the military, or even the right to vote.

    Prospective employers can request information about felony convictions and have the right to exclude you from the applicant list if you have a criminal record. You could lose your driver’s license via revocation or suspension (depending on the crime), and you could also require higher insurance coverage (in the event that you are charged with a DUI).

    Avoid the Harsh Penalties – Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

    If you have been arrested or are being charged with a felony, contact New Mexico Criminal Law Offices immediately. The lifelong consequences of a conviction are not worth it. Let our team work to find the best resolution to your arrest. Schedule an appointment now by calling 505-375-4672 or requesting more information online.