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  • What Television Gets Wrong About Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

    criminal defense lawyerThere is one thing that most criminal defense attorneys will agree on: Hollywood has no clue how it really works in the criminal justice system. Instead, they move toward what is more appealing to watch versus what is factual. Whether you are watching a TV cop drama or courtroom drama, you are most likely being taught incorrect truths about the criminal justice system. While it is true that some of these shows are accurate, for the most part, they leave out pertinent details – therefore, they should never be used as research.

    Big Mistakes That Hollywood Makes

    1. Attorneys do not care if their clients are guilty. This is true. An attorney does not care about the innocence or guilt of his or her clients. While they want to know, what matters most is what the evidence says. Does the evidence point toward their guilt or innocence? What evidence is incriminating, and therefore needs to be excluded in some way? These are the things that attorneys care about. Attorneys have an ethical duty to follow the law – regardless of what they believe.
    2. Attorneys do not lie. While TV crime dramas will make criminal defense attorneys seem rather untrustworthy, the reality is that they do not lie. There is an ethical duty to tell the truth, and they cannot lie to their clients, the prosecution, or even to law enforcement. Cheating or lying may be acceptable in Hollywood, but it could lead to disbarment for a real-life attorney.
    3. Attorneys have to prepare much more than in TV shows. An attorney cannot just walk into a courtroom and say that his or her client is “innocent.” Instead, it takes a lot of convincing and knowing the audience. It takes years of experience in court, and months of analyzing evidence and getting to know every aspect of the case.
    4. Attorneys do not and will not hide evidence. While TV dramas will show attorneys purposely hiding evidence, an attorney has an ethical obligation to provide the prosecution with evidence that he or she uncovers just as much as the prosecution has an ethical obligation to provide evidence to the defense.
    5. Attorneys do not make up theories out of thin air. When an attorney creates a theory or defense plan, he or she does not craft it out of nowhere. Instead, hours are spent researching the case, analyzing evidence, and determining what route is in the client’s best interest. Law is much like science – it requires a lot of work before you can assume anything.

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