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Should You Get Advice from an Attorney Online?


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Attorneys, just like other professionals, are constantly asked for free advice. The act of answering legal questions online is increasingly popular, and some law firms even use it as a form of marketing. However, answering and even asking these questions poses a few issues. After all, the attorney is not taking the questioner on as a client; therefore, the information they give may not be as accurate and doesn’t require the same level of professional duty as it would if the client were speaking to the attorney in-person.

If you have questions about the legal process or you need assistance, it is in your best interest to speak with an attorney in person. While you could pose a question online, that advice you receive should never substitute in-person legal advice.

Understanding The Attorney-Client Relationship

There is an established relationship between attorneys and their clients. When this relationship is established, nothing a client says to the attorney can be repeated elsewhere. However, an attorney answering questions online does not have a clear relationship with a person. Most will include a disclaimer that states that he or she is not establishing an attorney-client relationship by answering the question. Therefore, any advice received, or anything you say to that attorney does not follow the same guidelines for attorney-client procedure.

Getting The Wrong Advice

Most of the time, the question you pose in these online forums is short. Not all of the evidence or information is available to the attorney and instead, he or she is forced to just go off the few sentences you provide. Even if you were to spend your time going over your case, attorneys do not get paid for answering questions; therefore, they will quickly skim it and give you a basic answer.

By no means in this information accurate and sometimes it can be blatantly incorrect. When you are asking questions online, you may have answers from attorneys in other states, which means that they may not be fully familiar with the statutes that apply to your case and your state specifically. Also, the lawyer will not know everything about your legal situation; therefore, he or she is giving you brief information to use as a stepping stone, but nothing concrete.

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If you are facing criminal charges or you have questions about your criminal case, do not ask questions online. Instead, contact an attorney and meet in-person for a free case evaluation. The criminal defense team at New Mexico Criminal Law Offices is here to help you in your time of need. Schedule a consultation now at 505-375-4664 or complete our online contact form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.