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  • How Do I Defend Myself Against False Accusations?

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

    defend yourself against false allegationsAnyone who has been falsely accused of a crime knows how stressful and frustrating the experience is.

    Unfortunately, you might feel like everyone automatically believes your accuser and refuses to listen to your side of the story.

    This is especially true when dealing with sensitive topics like sexual assault and child abuse.

    The seriousness of the allegations can cause people to ignore the fact that the allegations lack any merit. We can help you prove that the allegations against you are purely fictitious.

    Even when accusations are false, you should take them seriously. You can defend yourself against false allegations by hiring a criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

    Contact one of our attorneys today to help prove the accusations against you are false.

    Possible Justifications for False Accusations

    False accusations can inflict severe consequences on the accused, regardless of why they occur. There are a variety of reasons someone might make false accusations.

    Sometimes, someone might make a false accusation by accident. In other cases, false accusations might arise after someone feels wronged by you. 

    Despite the harm caused by false accusations, New Mexico does not authorize specific charges for individuals who make false allegations against someone else.

    That means that even after a false accuser is caught lying, the prosecutor likely will not file charges against them for their deceit or the harm it caused you. You can technically sue an accuser for defamation in civil court and attempt to collect monetary compensation for your harm.

    However, it is difficult to prove defamation. If you have questions about false accusations, contact the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices today.


    Revenge is a common reason people fabricate accusations against someone else. Many people know that dealing with the criminal justice system is a difficult process that can cost thousands of dollars.

    This makes criminal allegations a useful tool for someone seeking to make your life difficult.

    Alternatively, a party might lodge false accusations to gain the upper hand in a child custody battle. 

    Ideally, law enforcement would recognize signs of ulterior motives when taking a witness statement. However, false accusations have landed people in serious trouble.

    You should not try to get yourself out of the situation by speaking to the police without an attorney present. Speaking with the police is always risky because you don’t know what they might use against you.

    In other words, trying to talk your way out of false allegations may very well land you in even more trouble. Contact one of our criminal defense lawyers today to help you prove your side of the story.

    Mistaken Identity

    In some cases, someone might falsely accuse you of a crime because they mistook you for someone else. When this occurs, you need to highlight the lack of witness credibility by demonstrating their error.

    For example, suppose Jane identifies you as the person who stole her car. However, suppose you have a receipt to prove that you were eating lunch across town at the time her car was stolen. This evidence shows that Jane was mistaken in her identification.

    Eyewitnesses are not as credible as we like to think. If your criminal charges are based entirely on eyewitness identification, there are ways to determine if their description is accurate.

    Many public locations have video cameras that can verify descriptions provided by eyewitnesses. An experienced defense attorney can help you obtain this footage and build your defense against the false accusations.

    But you must take swift action because businesses destroy video evidence quickly. Contact New Mexico Criminal Law Offices to discuss your case.

    How Will I Know if an Attorney Has Experience Representing Someone Falsely Accused of a Crime?

    You can look at client reviews to determine what kind of lawyer you are considering.


    “First-rate legal representation! The attorneys at New Mexico Criminal Law Offices are serious and talented professionals who will work hard for you. I’ve been completely satisfied with their work and recommend them 100% to anyone that finds themselves in need of quality legal representation. I was looking at a felony, and they had it thrown out in a hearing. Wonderful work from this excellent team of professionals. Hire them, and rest assured that you have some of the finest attorneys in town working for you.” — Jose


    “I am a military Senior NCO who was falsely accused of sexual assault by a civilian acquaintance. I faced a general court-martial trial. I was represented by a legal team, and Jack from the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices was my first choice of attorneys. Ultimately, I was completely exonerated. Upon meeting for the initial consultation, Jack was able to quickly identify the necessary time-sensitive actions needed to preserve vital evidence and witness statements. After a long and contentious trial, I was found not guilty of all allegations I faced—and because of the evidence/witness testimony, the verdict came back very quickly. It was obvious the case against me was false, and Jack’s work on the case was crucial to show this. I was potentially facing multiple years in prison, but because of Jack’s extensive legal knowledge, I was cleared of the allegations and went back to resume my military career. Jack is a relentless advocate for his clients, and I highly recommend this legal team!” — Del


    Our reputation among our former clients speaks for itself. You can see more reviews about New Mexico Criminal Law Offices on Google.

    How Do I Find a Lawyer to Launch a Defense Against False Accusations?

    Our attorneys at the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices have represented criminal defendants since 1997. We have significant experience defending against false accusations.

    We use bold strategies and aggressive tactics to secure desirable outcomes for our clients. Rather than relying on plea agreements, we prepare as if every case is going to trial. 

    There is not a one-size-fits-all defense strategy for cases involving false allegations. We will sit down with you and listen to the details of your case.

    Then, we will conduct a thorough investigation and prepare an individualized defense strategy. We dedicate our full attention to each of our clients to ensure our plan is tailored to your situation.

    Our team will do whatever is necessary to defend you against the false allegations lodged against you. Contact our office today so we can start reviewing your case.