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  • Other Circumstances Where Intoxication is Still Illegal

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

    Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Defending Illegal Intoxication Charges throughout New Mexico

    Man in HandcuffsYou know that drinking and driving is prohibited under New Mexico laws. However, did you know that there are other situations that prevent you from being intoxicated, as well? Under these situations, you might be arrested if you are intoxicated; and, you do not have to be near a motor vehicle, either. You may be charged with other offenses outside of the DUI. Therefore, before being publicly intoxicated, it is best to understand the other charges out there and what you may face if you choose to do so.

    Non-Motorized Vehicles May be Eligible for a DUI, Too

    Some areas consider non-motorized vehicles eligible for a DUI charge. For example, a bicycle ride on city streets could be considered a DUI if the person operating the bicycle is clearly intoxicated. The reasoning is not as absurd as some think. After all, the person riding the bicycle is drunk on the street, which means that he or she is more likely to cause an accident. That individual could swerve into a faster-moving vehicle’s path, accidentally hit a pedestrian, or cause a multi-car pileup. Therefore, the justification behind charging someone for a DUI while riding a bicycle is not far-fetched.

    Riding large animals while intoxicated is illegal in some areas. For example, riding a horse in the form of supplementing a motor vehicle could be considered a DUI. Also, riding the animal while intoxicated could result in not only a DUI charge, but animal cruelty because of the dangers it puts the animal in. A person may face charges of reckless endangerment to others, and potentially even disorderly conduct.

    Drunk and Disorderly Charges

    A vehicle or animal does not have to be involved to face drunk and disorderly charges. Referred to as public intoxication, a person may be charged with a crime because the local city has prohibited being intoxicated in public or similar behaviors. Thus, if individuals are drunk in public in those areas and they are showing signs of intoxication, they could be cited for being drunk in public.

    Were You Charged for Intoxication? You Might Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    While it may seem absurd, the fact is that you could be arrested and even sent to jail for drinking-related offenses, all without getting behind the wheel of a car. So, it is important that you have an advocate by your side to defend your actions and ensure that you do not spend years in jail for something minor.

    A criminal charges defense attorney can help find the best possible defense, even when the situation seems ludicrous, such as riding your bike while drunk. Criminal charges, however, are no laughing matter. Do not assume that an absurd charge is something a judge would dismiss in court, especially if the prosecution can prove their case.

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