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  • The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Pre-File Investigations

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

    attorney for pre-file investigationsPre-filing investigations are a stage wherein law enforcement is still investigating suspects of a crime. They are working to gather evidence, and then they will make an arrest based on the evidence collected. Prosecutors during this stage will refrain from bringing charges against a suspect, especially if the allegations are not supported by probable cause. When you are suspected of committing a crime, it is in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can help you in numerous ways during the pre-file investigation period – and possibly, prevent charges from ever being brought against you in the first place.

    How an Attorney Can Help During the Investigatory Stage

    1. An attorney may convince prosecutors to not file charges. Prosecutors are committing ethical violations if they file unsubstantiated charges against a suspect. If they feel that they cannot convict you of the crime, they will hesitate to file. During this pre-file investigatory period, your attorney can negotiate with prosecutors and convince them to not file all charges, or some of the charges that are unsubstantiated. They may even be able to negotiate filing a charge for a lesser offense.
    2. You can prevent self-incrimination with an attorney present. During the pre-file investigation, you will be interrogated by police, and possibly prosecutors. During this stage, you will need an attorney present before giving any official statements to law enforcement. Your attorney will advise you of your rights, and ensure that you do not self-incriminate.
    3. Your attorney can keep you informed. Law enforcement will not keep you updated on the status of their investigation. When you are suspected of a crime, you are often the last person to know about the status of that investigation. An attorney can check on all developments of the investigation and inform you of what is going on.
    4. Your attorney can start on your defense early. The biggest benefit to contacting an attorney during the investigatory process is that your attorney gets a jumpstart on creating a defense. Your attorney will talk to you and decide what defense is best to use in your case, and they can arrange for you to surrender and release without bail after an arrest is made.

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