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  • 10 Signs You Are About to Hire the Wrong Criminal Defense Attorney

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

    hiring an attorneyHiring the right criminal defense attorney can make a difference in your case – even if you are facing minor charges. The right lawyer is the difference between spending time in jail, paying hefty fines, and having a permanent scar on your criminal record. If you have been speaking with attorneys regarding your case, look out for the warning signs – and make sure that you are hiring the best attorney for your pending case.

    Signs That You May be Hiring the Wrong Attorney

    It may be difficult to tell how successful a particular lawyer will be, but there are some warning signs that can give you a good idea of whether or not that attorney is right for you. Some warning signs to look out for include:

    • A lawyer who guarantees results. The justice system is highly unpredictable – even when you are dealing with judges. Any attorney who guarantees results should be avoided. An attorney does not know how a case will end. While he or she can make an educated guess, the attorney cannot guarantee that result. If he or she does, you should question abilities and ethics.
    • Unclear retainer agreements. When you sign a retainer agreement, it should have a clear list of services and costs associated with hiring that attorney. If the attorney refuses to provide this information in writing, that should be a red flag.
    • Lack of expertise. When you meet with an attorney, you want to communicate with him or her and discuss his or her experience on your particular type of case. Just because an attorney offers criminal defense services does not mean that he or she has a lot of experience handling your specific alleged crime.
    • Communication is non-existent. You should be able to discuss things openly with your defense attorney. If he or she does not keep you up-to-date on developments, how can you be at ease? You should have an attorney who is more than willing to contact you and discuss things with you.
    • Wanting you to plead out too early. If the attorney automatically suggests pleading out without reviewing your case or offering any other suggestions, this is a warning sign. A good attorney will explore all options and present you with a few ideas for your defense strategy – including potential plea offers. If he or she simply tells you to plead out, this is a red flag.
    • Complaints with the bar association. Check the attorney’s record with the New Mexico State Bar Association. You don’t want an attorney with complaints, or especially suspended or revoked licenses, handling your case.
    • Lack of experience in your court. You are accused of a crime in Albuquerque, but your attorney has never been in a courtroom there. This means that he or she is inexperienced with the judges, prosecutors, and even how everyone operates in that court. Look for an attorney who has experience in your court.
    • False advertising. Some attorneys will state that they have years of experience, but then it is not true. This is why you must do your due diligence and research how many years of experience they really have. If it turns out that they advertised false experience, walk away.
    • Bad client reviews. Check out reviews online for that particular attorney. If he or she has less-than-average reviews, this is a red flag that you cannot dismiss.
    • Your gut feeling. You should walk away from a consultation feeling good and confident – regardless of how your case may play out. If you are not comfortable or confident in your attorney, you may want to meet with a few more before signing any agreements.

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