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  • What Types of Synthetic Drugs Are Illegal?

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

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    synthetic drugsDrug makers have been attempting to skirt the law by creating new chemical compounds within their substances. This changes the chemicals that make the drugs illegal; therefore, drug makers think that they are no longer committing a crime. Most new compounds do not remain legal for long, but drug makers will continue to alter these compounds to keep them legal as long as possible. There are two synthetic drugs that have harmed multiple individuals over the past few years and made law enforcement’s job next to impossible.

    Spice and bath salts are synthetic derivatives. They are categorized with other synthetic drugs and are not natural products. For example, marijuana in its plant form is natural, while cocaine is a drug synthesized from the plant. Bath salts are a mixture of synthetic chemical compounds.

    The Issue with Bath Salts and Spice

    Lawmakers have been working countrywide to stop the use of these synthetic drugs. In fact, some chemical compounds have already been listed as illegal in multiple states. New Mexico has outlawed the use of spice and bath salts. However, they list specific chemical compounds. Therefore, drug makers are continuously getting around the law by creating new compounds and formulations.

    Bath salts come in various forms and have different effects. Spice, also known as K2, is considered a marijuana alternative. It comes from organic material that is coated in various materials. Unfortunately, the chemicals that are used are often dangerous and lead to serious injury or death.

    The effects of these drugs also force their users to act in unpredictable ways. In fact, some people have violent propensities on bath salts. Others have fatal outcomes when they inhale or ingest K2.

    Can You Be Arrested for a Synthetic?

    If you are in possession of one of the chemical compounds that are prohibited by law, you could face criminal charges. However, even if you are in possession of a compound that is technically legal, you still may be arrested, booked, and possibly charged with a crime while the police wait for laboratory testing to complete itself.

    Also, if you are selling drugs that mimic the look or effect of illegal drugs, you are committing a crime, regardless of whether the drug compound itself is not illegal.

    Lastly, you could still be arrested for being intoxicated in public, regardless of whether a legal substance was what made you intoxicated. There are ways for police officers and prosecutors to charge you with a crime.

    Arrested for a Synthetic Drug? Contact a New Mexico Criminal Defense Attorney

    If you were arrested for using or selling synthetic drugs, legal or not, you need a criminal defense attorney with drug crime experience. Police and prosecutors have numerous charges at their disposal that could still send you to jail and upset your future.

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