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  • How to Deal with False Allegations of Child Abuse

    Posted on by JACK MKHITARIAN

    Legal Defense Team in Albuquerque Fighting for those Falsely Accused of Abusing a Child

    Stop Child Abuse SignDuring a divorce case or after parents have already split, it is not uncommon for the issue of false allegations of child abuse to arise. While most of these allegations are true, there are instances where one parent is accused of abuse, but is innocent. Being falsely accused by a child, spouse, caregiver, or ex-spouse can be devastating. It could ruin a person’s career, family life, and even run the risk of jail for a crime that was not committed.

    If you have been accused of child abuse, you should contact an attorney immediately. A criminal defense attorney may be able to assist you in proving your innocence.

    High Conviction Rates Put You at Risk

    Per the National District Attorney’s Association, the conviction rate for child abuse cases is extremely high. There is also a significant volume of plea bargains, and the dismissal rate is extremely low compared to other crimes. For this reason alone, it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney to represent you.

    Also, if you have been arrested or you are being questioned for allegations of abuse, do not allow the interrogation without an attorney.

    Why False Accusations Occur

    Most accusations of child abuse arise out of family conflicts. It is easy for one family member to accuse another of child abuse because they are upset or seeking revenge. When there is a custody battle going on, one parent may use allegations of child abuse to swing the courts in his or her favor – even if it is known that the allegations are false.

    Children are also impressionable. So, it is easy for one parent or caregiver to manipulate them into admitting to child abuse that never actually occurred.

    When Injuries Occur

    When a child has injuries, they can be easily linked to abuse and are often used to show that abuse occurs. Also, there is a mandatory requirement for school professionals and physicians to report signs of abuse – whether they have proof that abuse occurred or not.

    An attorney may be able to prove through evidence that the child’s injuries were not caused by abuse.

    The Parent’s Right to Discipline the Child

    Sometimes, a parent may accuse another of abuse when they choose to discipline the child. You do have the right to discipline your child as long as it is reasonable. Spanking a child, as long as it is done with your hand, is generally not considered child abuse.

    Your Best Security is Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

    Accusations of child abuse are hard to overcome. Sometimes, there is little evidence that works in your favor for proving that you did not abuse your child. A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to uncover evidence needed to prove your case.

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