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Clean Your Record - New Mexico Expungement Attorneys

Have you been involved with the criminal justice system? Even in the absence of a conviction, a criminal arrest leaves a record that follows you wherever you go, sometimes holding you back from achieving your greatest dreams. Don’t waste your time. Seek help from an experienced New Mexico expungement attorney.

Up until this past January 2020, there was not a lot that you could do about it. In many cases, once you were arrested, you had to “sweat” every job application you put in – quite literally – for the rest of your life. But now that has changed. Not for everyone; there are still some charges that cannot be expunged. However, the vast majority of crimes will now be eligible for expungement.

To get started, schedule a free case evaluation with the attorneys at New Mexico Criminal Law Office. A mistake should not permanently alter your life, and we all deserve a second chance. Call us today!

Practice Areas

A DUI conviction can result in jail time, loss of your driver's license, a stiff fine and other penalties, not to mention a permanent criminal record. It is easier to exceed the 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold than most people realize, and you can be convicted with a BAC even lower than that if you appear intoxicated or are under 21. There are many ways to fight a DUI charge, however. A skilled DUI criminal defense attorney can help. Read more.

The domestic violence designation can enhance penalties for other acts, such as assault, that are already crimes. Unfortunately, false accusations are more common in domestic violence cases than they are in just about any other type of criminal case, because they are often used to gain advantage in divorce or child custody proceedings. Domestic violence charges are very serious, and qualified criminal defense counsel is a must. Read more.

Robbery, burglary and theft are all distinct crimes – robbery involves taking by force; burglary involves a home invasion; and theft refers to many types of fraudulent taking of property, including identity theft and receiving stolen property. All of these offenses can be prosecuted as felonies, and in some cases, years can be added to your sentence if the estimated value of the property exceeds a certain threshold. Read more.

Assault and battery laws are harsher than most people realize. Slapping someone in the face, for example, could get you up to six months in jail for battery, and you could be jailed for assault without ever touching anyone. Assault and battery charges commonly arise out of domestic disputes where there may be no third-party witnesses. Read more.

Although New Mexico abolished capital punishment in 2009, life imprisonment is still a distinct possibility if you are convicted of homicide. Under certain circumstances, it is even possible to be convicted of murder despite proving that you did not intend to kill anyone and that it was someone else, not you, who pulled the trigger. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential when fighting a homicide charge. Read more.

White collar crimes are nonviolent crimes committed for financial gain, such as identity theft, embezzlement, and money laundering. The term “white collar” quite frankly whitewashes the serious nature of these crimes. Offenses are easier to commit than you might realize – unauthorized access to computer records at your office, for example, can be prosecuted as a felony. Read more.

A defendant facing a resisting arrest charge typically faces one or more other charges, for whatever crime he or she allegedly resisted being arrested for in the first place. You can even be charged with resisting arrest for refusing to pull over. Although a resisting arrest charge will not stick if the arrest itself was unlawful, your innocence of the underlying offense doesn't necessarily mean that the arrest itself was unlawful. Dedicated criminal attorneys can assist your defense. Read more.

Larceny refers to theft without violence or trespassing, and it can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony. Shoplifting is a good example of a typical act of larceny. Penalties for larceny vary greatly depending on the estimated value of the allegedly stolen item. In some cases, a one-dollar increase in the estimated value can add years to your maximum prison sentence. Read more.

If you are on probation, it is probably because the court felt that outright incarceration would be inappropriate. Nevertheless, you will be subject to intrusive conditions of probation that could include a curfew or a prohibition against associating with certain people. Violating probation is a serious matter that might result in incarceration for a longer period than if you had never been released on probation in the first place. Read more.

Federal and state prisons in New Mexico are filled with people convicted of drug crimes. Penalties can be unreasonably harsh – even simple possession of a small amount of crack cocaine, for example, can result in 20 years in prison. You can be charged at either the state or the federal level, and you may be subject to a draconian mandatory minimum sentence. Read more.

Because sex crimes carry a stigma that cannot be compared to any other type of crime, false accusations are relatively common. Conviction for a sex crime can result in years of prison time and mandatory registration as a sex offender for life. Even a baseless accusation can do permanent damage to your reputation unless your name is cleared. A reputable criminal defense advocate is imperative to represent your interests. Read more.

The foregoing is just a sample of the types of criminal charges we handle. We also represent defendants charged with child pornography, child molestation, minor in possession of alcohol, and many more offenses.

Our New Mexico defense attorneys are here to help fight for your rights and keep your record clean
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