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Jordan Haddad

Greetings, I’m Jordan Haddad, and my legal journey is defined by a steadfast commitment to defending the rights of my clients with passion and diligence. My academic foundation was laid at Florida State University, where I pursued majors in Anthropology and Political Science, nurturing my curiosity about society and governance. My legal education took me to Vermont Law School, where I honed my skills and deepened my understanding of the law.

Following my time at law school, I embarked on a meaningful chapter of my career with the Public Defender Agency of Alaska, where I gained invaluable experience advocating for individuals in need. In 2016, I brought my dedication to justice to New Mexico, establishing my practice and continuing my mission to provide unwavering legal representation to those in need.

Licensed to practice law in New Mexico and a member of the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico, I’ve dedicated myself to serving clients throughout the state. With extensive experience in New Mexico District Courts, Metropolitan Court, Magistrate, and Municipal Courts, I’ve handled thousands of cases, earning a reputation for my commitment to excellence and tireless advocacy.

My practice spans the state, and I’ve appeared in nearly every courthouse in New Mexico, representing clients from diverse backgrounds and facing a wide range of legal challenges. Regularly appointed by judges of Metropolitan and District Courts to arbitrate case resolutions, I approach every case with a focus on finding fair and just outcomes for my clients.